True radiation counter + light bus transmission
Issue: True radiation counter + light bus transmission
ID: 2519
Assignee: rhet0rica
Date: 2020-07-24 05:32:33
Reported in: 8.6m1
Target version for fix: 8.6.5
Priority: Enhancement
Product/Component: Companion - transceiver (Central Communications Interface)
ACS interference messages must be integrated to accurately assess the level and types of radiation the controller is experiencing at a given time. The controller needs to do this autonomously for devices to be able to access this information correctly, like the Geiger counter in the CSU or the meter on the Native HUD. At present these implementations are woefully deficient; they cannot detect mitigation from a shield, radiation sent directly to the controller, etc., and the existing messages for interference the controller must accept are unsuitable (being shield-to-MC only and lacking detailed spectral information.)

3 years ago rhet0rica:
Prerequisite of #2499