Radiation zone not triggering geiger counter
Issue: Radiation zone not triggering geiger counter
ID: 2499
Assignee: rhet0rica
Reported by: Teef0926
Date: 2020-07-24 05:27:53
Reported in: 8.5.7
Target version for fix: 8.6.0
Priority: Moderate
Product/Component: Chassis Specification Unit - General
I've been attempting to make a radzone work with my gieger counter. The Radzones phantom prims key is properly input into the radiation generators configuration folder, loaded, and is working as any intestines above 1 trigger the mesh shield, or interfere with subsystems within the phantom radzone. The prim shape is volume, duration 5, interval 2, intensity 0.5 and tried going higher and higher up to 1.0 to trigger the geiger counter in my CSU and have played with interval and duration a bit. It also has CYMSN Radiation, so all radiation types aswell but I did try combinations. Multiple people with working counters entered the zone, and their counters were not triggered either. I am using companion 8.6 with ATOS 12.0.12 and a 8.5.7 CSU. Inside the CSU my geiger counter volume is set to 1. I've even unpacked a fresh controller and CSU, set them all up, and tried with a fresh controller and nothing happened. The geiger is being triggered by damaged units when they leak radiation though, so I believe my geiger is working aswell.

3 years ago rhet0rica:
Yes, this is a known issue. The radiation generator directly messages the controller instead of the avatar, so the CSU's Geiger counter can't see the messages. This also affects the new radiation counter in the Native HUD, so we're going to create a light bus message that reports the actual counts per second the controller is experiencing.
3 years ago rhet0rica:
See #2519