a month ago: This is a quick test of the ARES devlog.
a month ago: Welcome to the ARES devlog. This page will be used to record work on ARES and related technologies. Previously NS had a tradition of various primitive bug tracking solutions, but with the graduation to deet it's been quite some time since we consistently had a single outlet for reporting on what's been finished rather than simply what needs to be done.
a month ago: So, without further ado, the story of Beta 1 so far...
a month ago: '@safeword' and '@runaway' added as special, always-available commands for resolving RLV relay and deadbeat owner problems. '@safeword' only affects the optional 'restraint' program; it does not break system-imposed sources of RLV.
a month ago: Resolved #3137: Translate filter not working on Alpha 2.2 (Thanks, Arme!)
a month ago: repair sends damage events to sexuality (unless OOC mode is active)
a month ago: repair watchdog now monitors sexuality if installed
a month ago: status daemon now tints hot, warm, and cold overlays slightly red, orange, or blue to make them more distinct
a month ago: New setting LSD:persona.block is a json array containing fields the persona program should ignore, e.g. '@db persona.block ["marker"]' to prevent changes of speech marker
a month ago: 'db load <file>' now capable of MERGE (shorthand +=) to load JSON objects via shallow copy
a month ago: changed the tick rate in status so that the battery's storage level is updated every power cycle (more accurate for degradation accounting)
a month ago: LSD:id.prefix can now actually be deleted to completely remove it from the unit's name (hitherto there's been a dangling space)
a month ago: id wasn't actually displaying most settings
a month ago: 'pkg clean' now cleans up server (LSD:pkg.server) and upgrade (LSD:ax.upgrade) records; this should help with getting out of situations where ax runs out of memory due to too much info downloaded from servers
a month ago: Added volume controls for controller speaker (0.0 = mute, 1.0 = full). Note that these do not affect sounds generated by the hardware (sparks, TP, repair, etc.), only sounds from the OS. The settings are: hardware.controller.volume.master 1.0 hardware.controller.volume.marker 1.0 hardware.controller.volume.announcer 1.0
a month ago: Hypervisor now warns when a command is invalid
a month ago: New default voice markers specified in default.p. These will not be applied after an update unless you remove the defaults first with: @set marker-female %undefined @set marker-male %undefined @set marker-neuter %undefined
a month ago: Inlined some under-utilized helper functions in 'filter'; this should provide a noticeable improvement in how much data can be crammed into the LSD:filter section (replace keywords, etc.) before it runs out of memory.
a month ago: Policy progress: the outfit policy and autolock have been implemented. Note that locking does not affect the unit's own command usage, only local command access (/1), remote command access (public bus), and menu usage. The radio policy, distress beacon, and curfew are not yet implemented.
a month ago: Moved remaining delegate responsibilities (compiling and sending SIGNAL_OVERVIEW_REPORT) for ring 2 from effector daemon to repair daemon. Should slightly improve memory choking in effector daemon.
a month ago: (the above is the Beta 1 patch notes so far)
a month ago: Yesterday (Jan 1) was spent reformatting the Setup Wizard's graphical assets for Beta 1. After a bit of market testing, the final look is here. The positioning is slightly different from the last version, so there's still a bit more work to be done on the Wizard before it'll be ready for display.
a month ago: Went through every source file in the ARES tree to make sure they had proper handling for SIGNAL_UNKNOWN SCRIPT (signal 3850), even if they don't currently have any code that's likely to trigger it. This should demystify a few things. Pretty much every application has had a revision number bump as a result, but actually releasing these updates probably won't happen until there's something more worthwhile to distribute.
a month ago: More work on memory issues in sexuality. Moved 'deposit' and 'query fluids' responses into the lust front-end utility. Still need to implement 'withdraw' and 'query parts' before sexuality's implementation of the LC protocol is at parity with TESI. It's becoming increasingly common for ARES components to have two pieces—a daemon that houses the actual model and a userland program that contains some or all of the view and controller. The same paradigm shows up in hardware + device, status/effector + power, and soon interface + display. Notably this is inverted with menu + variatype, where variatype is the UI instead. Prior to LinksetData, the plan was to have a database daemon also.
a month ago: Added very goofy placeholder sounds for sexuality and some filesystem sources under ns1. This is about when I remember that db doesn't officially support web files yet...
a month ago: Main obstacle to releasing sexuality preview now is getting the installer and setup wizard done. And, of course, that it requires Beta 1 to work...
a month ago: Warrior status: Weapon switcher done, MSD graphics done, actual damage model and malfunctions still to come.
25 days ago: Preview of Warrior weapon switcher documentation:
Weapon switching To use the WARRIOR weapon switcher, first ensure the gestures that came with WARRIOR are enabled, and that no other gestures are using the same hotkeys. These are `, 1, 2, and 3. If you are not using a US keyboard layout, you should edit the (`) gesture so that it is activated whenever you press the key above Tab. Next, ensure that Shared Wear is enabled under your viewer's RLVa > Debug menu. To add your weapons to the switcher, you will need to create a folder with a shortcut to each one. Create the following folder hierarchy in your SL inventory. `#RLV` (should already exist) `~ARES` (may already exist) `weapon` Inside the `weapon` folder, create one folder for each weapon you wish to add to the switcher. These should be named tersely, ideally one word in lower case letters. WARRIOR will assign special pictures to each one that is in the following list: popgun, revolver, fullstop, tremor, knife, m16, arch, clepsydra, sniper, ak-47, navarch, maxwell, pistol, makarov, hephaestus, javelin, spraypaint, bucket, quadlaser, bfg9000, shampoo, extinguisher, blaster, repair, chancla, tazer, p90, restitutor, virada, archon, ostraka, painter Once the folders are created, copy your weapon (with Ctrl-C or right click -> Copy) from its origin in your inventory, select the matching folder, right-click, and choose Paste as Link. It is considered bad form to paste the actual object into #RLV. You can also put ancillary items related to the weapon in these folders, such as gestures or off-hand items. After all the folders are populated, refresh the order by entering or leaving mouselook. Thereafter you can press 1 and 3 to cycle weapons, ` (or equivalent) to put away weapons, and 2 to select the focused weapon. The first keypress will show the switcher without doing anything; this is to mitigate against accidental inputs. THE SWITCHER CANNOT DETECT EMPTY FOLDERS, so make sure all of your folders are populated before testing them. Adding new weapon images: Instructions for this can be found inside the warrior.db configuration file. Order: The weapons are displayed in alphabetical order. You may add a number at the start followed by a space, e.g. `1 virada`, to enforce another sequence. Add leading zeros to force longer numbers to sort correctly, e.g. `023 bucket`. Syntax: The standard switcher behavior uses the commands `=switch clear`, `=switch previous`, `=switch next`, and `=switch select`. Direct switching: If you prefer not to use the switcher interface, `=switch slot <number>` and `=switch weapon <folder name>` can be used to instantly switch to a specific weapon.
a month ago: Looked into Xcite! compatibility—their last release was in 2016. Maybe spending resources on interop with something so old is not the way forward. (Not sure we can even get the scripts, to be honest.)
a month ago: Changed the front page at support.nanite-systems.com from the classic Support portal to the ARES info page. May cause some panic.
a month ago: More ARES Tutorials are finished. In particular, the extremely dense Configuring ARES for a military unit page is done. (Let's all pretend that there will never, ever be a trashed system caused by that one...)
a month ago: Sexuality work: 'withdraw' message validated as working correctly. The sexuality version actually sends deposit messages back to the prompter, unlike the more memory-limited TESI implementation that assumed a 'query fluids' had been done first.
a month ago: 'query parts' done, so now the sexuality software itself can be (generously) described as finished. Of course, there's still all the interop, the bells and whistles, the demo code... installer... setup... Let's focus on that installer.
a month ago: While working on the installer and patch notes for Sexuality it's become apparent that this will definitely require some of the improvements from ARES Beta 1 in order to function properly—otherwise the unit will be spammed with [_status] unknown message: arousal constantly. (Probably not a great first impression...) Unfortunately this means that Sexuality's release will have to be postponed until Beta 1 has been made available to CX/Supervisor users, at the minimum.
a month ago: Added 28 different boot/shutdown chime schemes from Windows and moved the chime schemes into their own database section to prevent the id section from becoming difficult to work with. May eventually do the same with color schemes.
a month ago: Note to self, look into using llGetVisualParams() for some sort of hover height prediction.
a month ago: Did a proper shakedown of bans. Found and solved multiple issues, including two that totally compromised the efficacy of bans. Also confirmed that self-bans work correctly, but that runaway and safeword are permitted. Should no longer see repeated consent prompts for trusted or banned guests, either.
a month ago: A self-banned unit will still be able to start menu sessions (and thus open the main menu or a device menu) but not take any further actions. A slight blemish, but for now it saves us the trouble of having to carve out an exception for starting the menu session on a non-holo controller screen.
a month ago: Beta 1 version of the ARES setup wizard is finished.
a month ago: Menu timeout now 300 seconds; adjustable via database setting.
a month ago: The package management menus are settled, but it seems there are a few ugly little bugs here and there that need squashing—issues are apparent with type, help, and ax info. Pipe madness.
a month ago: "Problem with type" is now "problem with viewer silently eating any llRegionSayTo() message starting with @, even RLV only uses llOwnerSay() messages starting with @" (this is cursed)
a month ago: Confirmed that even LL's viewer will censor llRegionSayTo() messages starting with @ if they are sent to an avatar. Objects can receive these messages from each other on channel 0 without any issue. Not sure this is documented anywhere. Cursedness level: 200%.
a month ago: Workaround for @ silencing: io daemon now prepends a space to affected messages. Compile-time switch has been added to disable or modify this behavior (e.g. changing the space to something else)
a month ago: After several agonizing adventures in tooth-pulling, the maximum size that _menu can handle has been significantly increased, from around 1400 bytes to more like 1900. This is enough to display an eye-watering 45 chime schemes! Which is how many ARES now has.
a month ago: Spooky problem with help mentioned previously has silently vanished. Just putting that one off until the underlying issue is clearer.
a month ago: The io debugging functions ('vox purge', 'vox pipes', 'vox debug', and 'vox restart') have been moved from 'vox' to 'input'. (They are now 'input purge', 'input pipes', 'input debug', and 'input restart', not to be confused with 'input reset'.) This makes life easier for combat-only units who may want to remove vox for performance reasons.
a month ago: Resolved #3044: vox ignores filter arguments when adding to chain (Thanks, e4tmyl33t, whoever you are)
a month ago: Spent some time fussing over the impending llGetAspectRatio() function before concluding that, since it evidently only reports mouselook AR, it can't really be used in the current ARES tutorial screen calibration process. Maybe in the future once display is implemented this will be useful, as display will introduce an interactive UI anchor setup mode (as seen in Unity, Godot, Unreal, and... yes, ElvUI)
a month ago: Resolved #3140: HUD colors reset to old theme when primary color changed through hud. (Thanks, Zael!)
a month ago: Resolved #3121: When opening the AMLite HUD for ARES, an authorization check is being sent to Companion units nearby. (Thanks, Arme!)
a month ago: List of devices and their ARES compatibilities: now available.
a month ago: ARES Beta 1 has been released for the CX/Supervisor. As there is finally something for them to upgrade to, upgrade instructions for units with Alpha 0.2.2 are now available. They're short, simple, and sweet, and not likely to change in future versions, so that's nice.
a month ago: ARES Beta 1 has been released for the DAX/2 mini and DAX/3 mini. Please get a redelivery, and remember to do the tutorials—for sanity reasons, the autoexec.as notecard must be installed by the unit before the system will function properly.
a month ago: Posted ARES Controller Retrofit & Differentiation List. (That second part is still TBD.)
a month ago: Now that ARES is actually rolling out, the hour of the CX/Supervisor's retirement is drawing nearer. For the time being it's still available at the NS main store (the vendor has finally been brought inside), but it won't be there forever! Unlike other limited editions (e.g. the SXDjr) we'll probably bring it back every now and then, particularly after it gets its differentiation kit. Someday.
a month ago: New expanded syntax for if. Now scripts can contain not directly after if to negate the entire evaluation, and use in to look for a specific key in a JSON object. For example, if [not] needle in haystack then ...
a month ago: Retrofit roundup: Beta 1 is now available for the NS-120 Mesta, NS-226 Hephaestus, and NS-115 Scout (all variants). As noted on the Controller Info page, a free conversion kit is available for people who got the Hephaestus through a treasure hunt, but it does not include ARES itself. (You'll need to buy a controller to get it.)
a month ago: The XPARC installer for Sexuality is finished. It was a bit hairier to implement than expected, but the result is absolutely worth it, and will be trivial to adapt for other extensions. Some minor clean-up remains before TESI can be re-released, mainly devolving the male and female dermal sensors from the master copy (which is configured as a hermaphrodite). To be finished tomorrow!
29 days ago: Sexuality is now available for redelivery with the standard TESI package. Remember to read the patch notes, as they contain important instructions like how to get your voice and dermal sensors. If setup fails to complete, it is probably due to a stale daemon PIN. Run "=ddt reset" to force a kernel restart. (This is an ARES bug that will be fixed in the next patch.)
27 days ago: Implemented LSL-PyOptimizer for kernel, interface, sexuality, and lslisp as an experiment to see how it performs. The benefits of the ShrinkNames option are astonishing—interface shrank by 7 kb. Of course, it's also completely illegible (it repurposes reserved keywords as variable names!) so it's hard to imagine a development workflow that depends on it. Still, for programs that have unavoidable memory issues, it may be a lifesaver.
25 days ago: If you got the fancy new ARES version of the full-sized DAX/2 main controller yesterday, you may have noticed it was rather quiet. This is because there was no designated speaker prim inside the DAX/2 itself. This oversight has now been corrected, and you can get a redelivery to fix the problem. (Or apply the fix yourself by naming link 96 to "speaker" and resetting the _ctrl script.) Please note that this affects no other models. It is not an ARES bug.
25 days ago: The new web layout, twentyfour, is live on all pages that previously used the ARES template. It is mobile-friendly, easier on the eyes, and uses screen space a lot better than the original design. And, yes, it will be rolled out to all NS pages soon. (There are some lingering atavisms on deet pages.)
24 days ago: The iKitten main controller has been updated for ARES. This is a semi-limited edition that is available to owners of the full-sized DAX/2 (or DAX/T) main controller who have also built a Rhapsody Robotics iKitten avatar. As we do not keep records on who has an iKitten system, please contact rhet0rica with a picture of your current iKitten build to get the replacement. (Note that this is a controller kit only; it does not include ARES. You should be able to redeliver your DAX/2 or DAX/T for that!)
24 days ago: The restraint (and restraint-debug) package for ARES has been updated to fix a bug with authorization checks that would misinterpret permanent bans and permanent guests as expired temporary entries, causing incessant prompting. Get the new version by using the standard ax update and ax upgrade commands while in Eisa.
3 weeks ago: ARES retrofits for the SXDjr and NS-112 Aide have been finished.
3 weeks ago: During the Aide retrofit it was discovered that the display of the boot screen had become dead code, so some adjustments were made to ARES 0.3.1 (WIP) to display the boot screen during kernel resets and device probes. This involved a change to the screen display code in the Aide, DAX/2, SXD, SXDjr, iKitten, and CX/Supervisor. A group notice about getting a redelivery to receive this update will be sent out when 0.3.1 is released, since there's no benefit to it yet.
3 weeks ago: Another very minor tweak to the CX/Supervisor—adjusts the screen display routine so all the parts appear and disappear simultaneously.
3 weeks ago: Small patch to the DAX/2 to address a report that the controller had no way to recover from an expired menu session. This probably affects the other touchscreen systems (Aide, SXD, SXDjr, iKitten); fix for them will be forthcoming once it's been tested. So much for the previous remark about waiting until 0.3.1's release to do another group notice!
3 weeks ago: Pushed above fix for Aide and SXDjr to redelivery server.
19 days ago: The XSU is now converted to ARES. This involved a surprising amount of bug-chasing inside the ctrl script that will make adapting controllers with screens much easier in the future. Physically, the XSU also now has the riser linked to it, saving customers the inconvenience of juggling an unnecessary extra attachment. Also starting with the XSU, the ctrl script now has four-channel color support, using % to indicate color B, & to indicate color C, and @ to indicate color D. (# is color A and $ is low-brightness color A, for use in gauge backgrounds.)
16 days ago: The ARES Devlog now has a basic RSS feed. This is intended for parsing by the ARES news program. To add it to news, run @news add http://develop.nanite-systems.com/?page=devlog&rss=1
16 days ago: calc 1.2.0 released; adds random number generation. Will be bundled with ARES 0.3.1; for now, download from axtest:0 in Eisa.
2 weeks ago: The Artifact is now converted to ARES, and has a fancy animated menu background. It also uses a new compile-time switch on ctrl, which displays the boot screen in white (for full-color effects) and the normal screen in color 4. This also adds a bit of lore—the nice and pretty LIYAL boot screen is marred by data corruption and an XTTG jailbreak progress bar. Now you can see what they've been doing for all those years in that tent!
10 days ago: Finished new JSON manipulation features for exec shell scripts; these are described in Operating ARES: Scripting ARES.
10 days ago: Also, new if [not] exists <filename> then ... syntax for checking whether or not local files exist. Unfortunately it's probably too late to use this construct in .pkg files, but it could be very useful.
10 days ago: For dealing with remote files, there's a slower method using fs and xset: xset <variable> fs info <filename> if not <variable> is %undefined then ... All coming in 0.3.1.
10 days ago: Finally for tonight, preset colors in id are now known as swatches, and live in a new database section, LSD:swatch. Unfortunately the harebrained scheme to load all of the X11 colors table into the database did not work out, as it was too much for id to handle, but it's still nice to have the ability to add and remove preset colors without recompiling!
a week ago: The DAX/3 is now converted to ARES, and is the first of the controllers with curved holoscreens to make the jump. This was a fairly easy conversion, honestly, as there was already curved-screen code from the Supervisor, but it required parameterization to make it more flexible. Next up is the Arecibo...
a week ago: Also, today is the last day of Mainframe, and the end of our 25% discounts on standard main controllers. We'd planned to launch a new main controller at the event; alas, schedules and the quest for quality did not allow us to see a release during this time window. It'll be out when it's ready.
5 days ago: The NS-119 Arecibo is now converted to ARES, and updates the NS-478's HPCU to work with ARES also. The Arecibo doesn't use menu background images, but instead has a rotomatic effect that extends between the projector and the text.
5 days ago: Added 3 different alphas to the Relic package. Type 3 is just the socket (stretched to fit best on a narrow/female-average torso), Type 2 is the Phase alpha available elsewhere, and Type 1 is the classic socket alpha originally made for the SXD and DAX/2. Note that with the Relic you'll need to hide a prim (link 3) in the controller to actually be able to see down into the socket. These will eventually be added to all other controller packages, possibly with a Type 4 designed for larger/male-average torsos.
5 days ago: New database setting LSD:input.censored allows replacing the message sent to local chat when the unit attempts to speak with the mind off.
22 hours ago: ARES 0.3.1 is now available. See the updating page for instructions to upgrade, or here for a detailed changelog.
18 hours ago: Some bumpiness with the 0.3.1 patch. Message spam from ax during package list refreshes should now be fixed. If you encounter the message [_io] failed to run '﷐' (kernel could not find the program specified) then run a kernel reset (=ddt reset)