module overview

Companion 8.6 + ATOS/E 12.2 + TESI 1.0 module overview
ATOS/CX 12.1 module overview

This information pertains to the latest development version and may not reflect the architecture of the current release.
* indicates module can hibernate (no timers or external events)
** indicates the module can hibernate when a setting is turned off
MEMmemory card application(s)(various)
extended functionality installed by the user
NSMnetwork security manager_hierarchy* · DomainService*
reconfigures the stored keychain to match the remote server settings
polls the remote server for current settings
triggers reloading of local keychain to match the remote server
TSMtransient security manager_ephemera* · GuestService*
manages guest access and consent
IRRinternal restraint interface_compliance* · PolicyManager*
conveys blocked subsystem settings to _restraint and _power
@vox command and menu interface
NAVnavigation manager_navigator* · NavigationManager*
waypoint navigation and @navigate
mediates waypoint navigation and @navigate
@follow leashing
ERRexternal restraint interface_restraint** · n/a
RLV relay
conveys blocked RLV flags to _bonds for final integration
CBcore services bus_bonds · CoreService
manages RLV consequences of subsystem states
integrates environmental RLV flags from _restraint
handles remote commands
Aeffects library_ambiance* · EffectsLibrary*
manages teleport and spark effects
manages most sound settings
CIcharging interface_coil · ForeignInterface
interfaces with ACS and UMD chargers
ddt diagnostics programs
manages ACS remote hosting and interference
CRdevice manager_puppet · NativeInterface
manages light bus interactions
CXcortex_cortex · SpeechService**
voice pipeline
DMdisplay manager_exhibition-core* · ExhibitionCore*
loading and maintaining core menu state
DMDdisplay manager drivers_exhibition-{tty, dwm, etc.} · ExhibitionDWM, ExhibitionTTY, etc.**
presenting menus to user
MCBIOS_foundation* · BootService*
parsing OEM table
startup/shutdown sequences
actual on/off state of system
list of supported commands
power profiles
HV2memory card driver_songbird · DataService
executing deletion manifests for packages
probing for installed packages
probing for installed personalities
hibernating/thawing modules in memory card
HVhypervisor_xanadu-client* · PackageManager*
package management
EPSemergency power system_afterglow · AuxiliaryService
maintain auxiliary power capacitor charge
maintain auxiliary power system state
emergency beacon
Pperformer_arabesque* · ScriptEngine*
execution of batch scripts
SMsecurity manager_submission* · AccessCore*
keychain facilities and user interface
access control and user interface
SEsecurity enhancements_sentinel · CombatService
damage management
heat management
IFF protocol compatibility
weapon management
repair interface
AMaccess manager_obedience* · AccessLibrary*
PIN-based locking
identity settings
@help documentation facility
SSMsubsystem manager_power · PowerService
subsystem states
battery draining and current power level
device draws
TESItactile excitation sensor interface_emotion · n/a
tactile surface devices
arousal model
cryolubricant management
TSkernel task scheduler_whip · Kernel
hibernating modules not currently in use
starting modules required for tasks
storing events for triggering later
interface for hard-toggling optional modules (CI, CX, EPS, ERR, etc.)
CMconfiguration manager_balance · SettingsService
storing settings for libraries
shell pipes
XCVRcentral communications interface_transceiver · NetworkService
listeners for libraries
HTTP communication for libraries
myNanite connectivity