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  • System usage: #define INTERFERENCE 40
  • Application usage: #define APP_INTERFERENCE -1040
  • Processed by: core services bus (_bonds)

Description: Set ACS interferences status from CI

Parameter format: Prior to 8.5m1 this message consisted of a bitmask of types ([M, S, C, Y, N] = [1, 2, 4, 8, 16]) followed by a comma and the overall duration. 8.5 expands interference support to handle variable intensity and multiple sources properly, so the new format consists of intensities in the comma-separated order M,S,C,Y,N. For example, incoming interference of type MY with intensity 2 would produce the INTERFERENCE message "2,0,0,2,0". CI now tracks interference as it ticks down, so this message is re-sent every second until there are no more sources of interference, and a duration parameter is not necessary.