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  • System usage: #define EFFECT_FAILURE 7
  • Application usage: #define APP_EFFECT_FAILURE -1007
  • Processed by: sound server (_ambiance)**, core services bus (_bonds)


Sound server:

  • if message = "spark", spark.
  • if message = "fault", fault.
  • if message = "death", terminate power silently.
  • if message = "xcvr", emit error message.
  • Other messages display errors of the format specified below.

Core services bus:

  • if message = "death", set power down animation to s_dead instead of s_shutdown.

Parameter format:

The 'bad' message format (used in part by the !bad bypass command) is:

Unrecognized <type>: <details>. Please contact your Nanite Systems repair team and consult the warranty information provided at the time of purchase. Maintenance code <xxxx-xxxx-xxxx>. Serial number <serial>.

The type, details, and xxxx-xxxx-xxxx parameters are read from the message in pipe-separated format, i.e. <type>|<details>|<xxxx-xxxx-xxxx>. The tripartite identifier should be in hexadecimal. The unit's serial number will be inserted automatically.