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  • System usage: #define CHARGING 2
  • Application usage: #define APP_CHARGING -1002
  • Processed by: subsystem manager (_power), sxdwm display manager (_exhibition-core) (DEPRECATED)

Description: Internal charging protocol. Accepts text commands as a message parameter which are handled by various modules.

Parameter format:

Valid messages:

  • start - initiates the charging state.
  • stop - terminates the charging state.
  • freeze - freezes unit motors.
  • unfreeze - unfreezes unit motors.
  • add <float> - adds (or removes, if negative) the specified amount of power to (from) the battery, in kJ.
  • query level - sends POWER_LEVEL.
  • query rate - sends POWER_RATE.
  • query capacity - sends POWER_CAPACITY.
  • query version - sends VERSION. Deprecated in 8.5m1/12.1m1. Use 45 VERSION_QUERY instead.
  • query drainprotect - sends DRAIN_PROTECT.

The version query is handled by MC; drainprotect query is handled by DM. All other messages are handled by SSM.

If "add" is used with a negative parameter and an id is supplied (e.g. when sent by DM) then that id will be notified on the public bus (-9999999) of how much power it was able to take away using a positive 'charge <float>' message.