ambiance (Effects Library)
ENH 2311. "external-teleport" CSU option for disabling controller TP effects (2019-03-20 19:26:29)
ENH 2230. Boot scheme 0 is now 'initialization complete' and 'shutting down' voice lines; these sounds will no longer be produced if the boot scheme isn't 0 (2018-10-27 02:27:12)
ENH 1069. System will now check for "s_recover" animation instead of using default AO "standup" if available; must last less than 2.40 sec (2017-02-22 21:58:22)
ENH 1020. reworked several aspects of audio management; can now globally toggle just tone markers with '@volume tone'; also '@scheme chime' is now '@scheme boot' and there are multiple menu beep schemes (controllable via '@scheme menu') (2017-02-23 16:12:33)
ENH 1001. new, more authentic fault animation which should not clash with movement being disabled (2017-02-22 22:36:53)
ENH 955. '_warp-system' object is spawned on TP finish if in object inventory and can rez (uses start parameter as bbggrr 24-bit packed integer color) (2017-02-22 22:31:08)
ENH 953. rebalanced teleport EMP (now causes brief interference in nearby units and gives less charge) with new burst pattern for effect (2017-02-22 22:30:40)
ENH 943. tweaks to spark system (2017-02-22 22:29:50)
ENH 942. new teleport mechanics: cooldown (with display in HUD) and color-responsive burst effect (2017-02-22 22:29:45)
ENH 789. added "!lamp on" and "!lamp off" for upcoming flicker script improvements (2017-02-23 16:16:08)
ENH 590. Added menu chime schemes 6 through 9 (2016-12-25 16:49:30)
ENH 543. Preserve manually-set !broken through teleports (2016-12-17 18:16:01)
MOD 2001. Missing conf support for _ambiance settings (2017-11-12 02:47:39)
MOD 1011. suppress TP bubble if it can't obviously be rezzed: get parcel group, check if llSameGroup(), and check if parcel allows public rezzing (2017-02-23 15:58:58)
MIN 2375. Chat tone muted after reset of ambiance (echo rewrite) (2021-12-19 18:18:34)
MIN 2025. color sent on channel_lights incorrect (2018-03-23 01:28:40)
MIN 1976. Fixed model overwrite, causing default sound schemes after boot (2017-08-21 16:13:22)
TRI 1965. Fixed @scheme to not report information in a format from the ancient past (2017-07-24 02:02:19)