DAX/3m file check error after upgrade to 8.6.4
Issue: DAX/3m file check error after upgrade to 8.6.4
ID: 2809
Assignee: rhet0rica
Reported by: Amelia Heartsong
Date: 2022-10-21 21:49:44
Reported in: 8.6.4
Priority: Unconfirmed/New
Product/Component: Companion - songbird (Disk Driver and Filesystem Manager)
I have freshly delivered a Dax/3m (it's on version 8.6.2) and a Charger 4 from the server. I have unpacked both and equipped the controller as normal, waiting for the whole booting sequence and this went well, tried "@file check" command and returned status was OK. I rezzed out the Charger 4 (it appeared sideway) but otherwise the status for its working was also OK.

I then proceeded to upgrade the Dax/3m to 8.6.4 from the package server. Upgrade process seemed OK on first sight. However, after the upgrade was completed. i attempted to do onboard diagnostics from the Charger 4, just to be greeted with an error.

"Unregistered command 'disk check'."

It would appear as though devices thinks the Dax/3m uses disk check command for diagnostics.
Furthermore, i attempted to use file check command on 8.6.4 with Dax/3m. I am greeted with "Reinitialized memory card security identifier.". Nothing else happens after.