Loss of local chat
Issue: Loss of local chat
ID: 2727
Assignee: rhet0rica
Reported by: Nashura Wunderlich
Date: 2022-01-21 22:04:08
Reported in: 8.6.3
Priority: Unconfirmed/New
Product/Component: ATOS/E - sentinel (Security Enhancements)
After Atos voice damage, the unit first reacts as expected and a vox_glitch starts to appear.
Suddenly, even at a low damage, voice chat vanishes completely .. no repair system works, neither ARC nor Arachne, it reboots, system resets, nothing
Reinstalled a fresh redelivery with core software 8.6.2, updated ONLY to running 8.6.3 and added current ATOS/E.
And the same happened again.