WCN/3 Charger Not Working With 8.6.0 Pre-Release Jul 9 2020
Issue: ✓ WCN/3 Charger Not Working With 8.6.0 Pre-Release Jul 9 2020
ID: 2531
Assignee: rhet0rica
Reported by: galatealindholm
Date: 2021-01-22 04:54:19
Reported in: unknown
Resolved in: 2.3.1
Product/Component: Wireless Charging Node - node
The wcn/3 wireless charging node does not charge batteries in a DAX/3M controller utilizing the most recent pre-release version of 8.6.0, and the charger does not respond on channel 5 at all, e.g. /5start and /5stop are ignored. The NS Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery and NS Nanite-Assisted Sonofusion Power Cell both refused to charge with the wcn/3 wireless charging node. Other controllers were not tested. The older wcn/2 2.3.1 charger performs as expected and charges the unit's battery as well as responding properly commands on channel 5, however. This suggests that whatever (presumably large) changes were made to the _node script in the wcn/3 are interfering with communication with a controller running 8.6.0 and thus preventing the wcn/3 from performing as expected..

To reproduce, utilize a DAX/3M controller loaded with the newest version of Companion 8.6.0 found on xbeta:0, and enter charging range of a wcn/3 wireless charging node. No messages about entering the charging range of the wcn/3 are received, commands issued on channel 5 using /5start, /5stop, and /5debug will not work, and the unit's battery will continue to deplete.

a year ago rhet0rica:
By design, the wcn/3 does not have the opt-in/out features of earlier WCN series. It produces a small noise when avatars enter its charging radius and that's it. Depending on the settings you may need to get somewhat closer to notice an appreciable charge rate, especially since the new HUD is not terribly forward about indicating when charging is in progress. (It shows a downward zig-zag arrow next to the power usage bar instead of the normal triple-chevron.) It is unlikely that this report describes anything abnormal.