@autolock is permanent
Issue: @autolock is permanent
ID: 2483
Assignee: rhet0rica
Reported by: sibko.matova
Date: 2021-05-10 13:55:17
Reported in: 8.5rc5
Target version for fix: 8.6.5
Priority: Major
Product/Component: Companion - General
#### Description
After enabling the autolock feature it becomes impossible to disable it and remove the controller.

@autolock off
@bolts unlock

All do not work to reset RLV restrictions. The controller remains unremovable even when shut down. When relogging after doing @autolock off, the controller will initially be unlocked on login, and then after a few seconds will automatically lock, despite autolock being disabled.

#### Difference between expected and actual behavior
* Expected: '@autolock off' disables the autolock and allows the controller to be removed
* Actual: '@autolock off' never actually disabled the autolock, even though the system says it has

#### Steps to reproduce
1. @autolock on
2. @autolock off
3. @bolts unlock
4. @unlock
5. Cannot take off controller
6. @off
7. Still cannot take off controller
8. Relog
9. CAN take off controller for several seconds
10. Autolock kicks in, despite being disabled previously, controller locks, cannot take off controller

#### Specific information for locating
autolock, bolts, companion

#### Length of time in which bug has been known to occur
For several weeks at least

#### Issue bingo
- [x] Issue could be reproduced at least once
- [ ] Issue could be reproduced by different players
- [x] Issue happened less than 7 days ago
- [x] [Couldn't find an existing issue about this