Lux Personal Holographic Assistant
Lux Personal Holographic Assistant

Part of the roadmap for ATOS's later development is to create an abstraction layer for subsystems so that they will be completely definable. This is obviously necessary for ATOS/D (which is non-avatar-based), but it also allows exploration of Companion variants targeted at non-robot avatars that use a software control system, such as cyborgs and disembodied AIs. Inspired by the character/product Joi from Blade Runner 2049, Lux would be a holographic personal assistant, in the vein of Siri or Alexa, but with more personality, and physical presence, which you, the RPer, would provide. Lux would differ from Companion in the following regards:

  • Emitters required. Lux avatars would have to stay within bounded regions where holograms can be projected effectively. Portable emitters would be possible, so that Lux avatars can go outside—as long as they're with their owners (or hopping between the radii emitted by multiple authorized users!)
  • Outfit changer. Companion doesn't include an outfit changer normally because we feel this is immersion-breaking; instead, we opted to go with a physical changing station that provides the actual clothes. No such restriction would apply to a Lux avatar, which would be able to change its appearance with a simple command at any time.
  • Simpler subsystems. Lux avatars don't have motors, can't teleport, and don't use their own power—instead, they drain the batteries of portable emitters. They also won't be compatible with ATOS/E, but might be able to use a version of TESI without lubricant. However, Lux avatars still depend on cameras, speakers, and microphones to perceive and communicate with the world around them. Lux would also feature a new subsystem, hard light, which is required to allow touching.

Despite not being ATOS/E-compatible, Lux does have potential for use in combat in the form of base defense. Using the power grid simulation, emitter nodes could become destructible, power-draining objects, allowing the Lux avatar to direct Radiant turrets at incoming threats while still being a surmountable goal; once all friendly hologram emitters are destroyed, the Lux avatar is effectively dead until one has been repaired.