keychain add by UUID does not show name in Manage Users
Issue: ✓ keychain add by UUID does not show name in Manage Users
ID: 1283
Assignee: rhet0rica
Reported by: Tyer Anbinder
Date: 2019-03-20 19:37:26
Reported in: 8.4.2
Target version for fix: 8.5b3
Resolved in: 8.5b5
Priority: Major
Product/Component: Companion - submission (User and Security Manager)
The keychain add command can be used to add a user not present on the current sim.  When doing so, it shows the name of the user being added in chat.  However, when subsequently doing a "list users" in the user management console, the UUID of the user is displayed, not the name.  Additionally, when selecting the user from the list, no name is shown under user details.  This makes it virtually impossible to distinguish who the user might be.

4 years ago rhet0rica:
Added an extra trick to force fetching.
5 years ago rhet0rica:
On revisiting this, it was probably caused by too many add commands being issued in a short period of time, causing the name-fetcher to skip forward in the list inappropriately. That possibility has now been fixed.
5 years ago rhet0rica:
Now that llName2Key exists we may be able to circumvent this through name-based management.
6 years ago rhet0rica:
This should only happen if the key is not a valid user. keychain add does do basic checking for UUID validity and can reject keys if they're the wrong length, as presumably the most likely issue should be copying and pasting keys; I'll do some testing this weekend.

Alternatively, SL may throttle display name lookups; see llRequestDisplayName() documentation.
6 years ago rhet0rica:
Confirmed; it seems names are no longer being fetched at all.
5 years ago rhet0rica:
Bitrot on LL's backend?