Completed on 2017-06-26 15:39:05 NanoCom Region Monitor
NanoCom Region Monitor (completed)
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The script counter of tomorrow! A long-standing staple of NS stores, the NanoCom Region Monitor reports render weight, script time, script memory usage, and an aggregate score based on all three, along with your name and mood. (Name can be set by NS robots and mood can be set by the SuperBit. Both can also be set by our Simple Mood Manager, not currently available, but great for roleplay. In the screenshot shown, "is feeling good!" is z0zo's mood.)

The Region Monitor can also warn people about having heavy script time, memory usage, or render weight, but does not (currently) eject people.

Before release, this product will need a configuration file, to adjust the weightings used in the aggregate score and the warning thresholds, and perhaps also the colour scheme.