XNMS Arabesque
Issue: XNMS Arabesque
ID: 1278
Assignee: rhet0rica
Reported by: lilfae Resident
Date: 2017-11-03 17:35:35
Reported in: 8.4.2
Target version for fix: 8.6.5
Priority: Enhancement
Product/Component: Companion - hierarchy (Network Security Manager)
First up, lack of documentation so this may not be a bug persay

The scripted policy file loaded when a unit connects to the server does not follow the documented arabesque standard. But some kind of subset, without documentation to support what it actually CAN do, a user gets nothing but 'Unknown command: wait. Type 'commands reindex' to check for missing commands.' when using arabeque commands

Since there are no example cards, it could be I am misunderstanding how these policy files are set up, but then there is no manual on this part either.

5 years ago rhet0rica:
Added as objective for 8.5.1; change domain's execute messaging to send whole notecard contents to Arabesque.
6 years ago rhet0rica:
Explanation here. To use Arabesque through XNMS, I'd recommend installing a package with the Arabesque payload.