Completed on 2017-09-10 22:27:51 automated conversion machine
automated conversion machine (completed)
restraint furniture

The technical description for this product is fairly simple: it scans an #RLV directory, determines which 'steps' (skin, controller, eyes, etc) you have available, and then modularly constructs a story out of a preconfigured conversion script with some randomly-selected alternates, adding each step of the #RLV folders at the appropriate time. We've considered offering it as a pay-to-use machine located in Eisa, but obviously there are also some drone labs that would find it useful too.

Update (2017-09-06): Implemented in the EmergenceXL Matter Fabricator as a proof of concept.
Update (2017-09-10): Try out the EmergenceXL Matter Fabricator at Eisa! L$50 per use.