Completed on 2021-09-24 22:21:59 removable robot brain (cortex)
removable robot brain (cortex) (completed)
accessory restraint

The cortex addon fills the empty space in your avatar's head with a shiny plastic dome that covers a glowing hemisphere—the unit's Cortex® or Cortex Plus® processing core, which enables its autonomy. When the core is removed, the 'mind' subsystem is permanently disabled, and cannot be reactivated until the core has been replaced. For obvious safety reasons, this can only be done while the unit is powered down. Product will also include a wig removal script, which allows non-rigged, modifiable hair styles to be torn off or reattached with just a click.

Update (2017/07/03): Documentation for the Cortex architecture and planned malfunction features is described here.

Update (2017/07/08): This product will be available for purchase soon, and provided with the diagnostics bed. (Including current bed owners.)