Completed on 2018-05-26 17:06:41 TESI arousal and lubricant manager
TESI arousal and lubricant manager (completed)
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Arousal system features:
  • NS Epidermal touch sensor attachments for erogenous zones, allowing detection of erotic contact. This is a separate purchase that upgrades the Callipygian spanker, and strongly recommended for TESI. Epidermal sensors will be gendered (female pelvic, female chest, male pelvic, hermaphrodite pelvic), although the Holopleasure Probe (along with the Equine Probe) will be upgraded to include sensor capability.
    • Configurable AO (animations must be supplied) for arousal-related facial expressions, etc., which are specified by range (i.e., of arousal levels at which to play) and triggered randomly in response to pleasure.
  • Single-stage arousal gauge which creates increased power load and heat (requires ATOS/E) when elevated.
    • Automatically-calibrated orgasm threshold, above which climax (releasing a large amount of arousal) can be manually triggered.
    • User-adjustable plateau threshold, which prevents arousal from falling below it.
  • Sensitivity gauge which determines rate of arousal and necessary orgasm threshold.
  • Sensitivity, arousal, plateau, and orgasm controls are easily accessed from a special section on the SCM local console HUD, as shown in the 8.4 New Users' Guide, slides 45 and 48.
  • Nymphomania/satyriasis setting to control whether repeated climax elevates or diminishes sensitivity.
Lubricant system features:
  • Units normally hold 5 liters (1.32 US gallons) of fluid. This acts as both liquid coolant and lubricant. At subnormal lubricant levels, the ATOS/E cooling system is less efficient, increasing the risk of overheating following strenuous activities such as teleporting.
  • Lubricant is expended during sex. Units equipped with a penis will expend more (this level is adjustable.)
    • Lubricant loss is indicated with particle emissions from genitals and nipples. If the unit is overpressurized with excess lubricant, loss occurs at an increased rate and may occur merely in response to touch.
  • Lubricant can be refilled through transfer of sexual fluids (e.g. in the course of vanilla heterosexual penetration) or by consuming beverages.
  • Fluid entering the system counts as a 'contaminant' that must be purified, through a metabolic process that takes time. Impure lubricant is off-color, and the composition of the unit's lubricant can be checked at any time through the lust system command.
    • An inexpensive 'donation' HUD for organics and others without TESI will be made available separately.

Although the TESI interface was teased in the 8.4 New Users' Guide, it is unlikely that this system will be available prior to the release of Companion 8.5 due to the intensity of its script time requirements.

Update (2017/06/26): The TESI 1.0 API is complete. Developers can read about it here.

Update (2018/05/26): TESI is now available in Early Access. Visit our main site to get in on the action!