ATOS/CX combat-only operating system
ATOS/CX combat-only operating system
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ATOS Cortex is the complete version of ATOS designed for use by our current generation of controllers and robots. It replaces Companion entirely, offering the combat features found in ATOS/E (temperature, weapons, damage, projectile shielding, repair) but removes civilian features that are not necessary for combat operations such as personas, speech filtering, guest access, RLV relay support, and some levels of permissions restriction. ATOS/CX units are more autonomous and better suited to fast-paced, low-lag combat. The ATOS/CX heads-up display, SHIELD, is also distinct, creating an experience much more familiar to players of first-person shooters.

Supported controllers: NS-112 Aide, NS-115 Scout, NS-476 Aegis

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