exhibition (sxdwm Core; deprecated)
ENH 1021. changed syntax of "-" menu file directive to assume menu name contextually (mirrors design of "+" directive) (2017-02-23 16:10:26)
ENH 922. added @sxdwm connect/disconnect to permit remote TTY menu access (2017-02-22 22:53:04)
ENH 891. make menu timeout work (2017-02-22 22:25:53)
ENH 879. add "-" and "modify" for sxdwm menu files (2017-02-22 22:25:02)
ENH 864. comments in sxdwm menu files (#) (2017-02-22 22:23:56)
ENH 844. Added sxdwm (exhibition) display manager, permitting a real touch screen—but don't worry, you can still access dialog-based navigation and turn on the unit by clicking on the fan (2017-02-22 22:21:34)
MOD 1047. Aegis won't flip open when physical access is denied, but fixing this requires either manual script replacement or redelivery of the controller. (2017-02-23 16:33:09)
MOD 1003. exhibition now assumes a DAX-style screen instead of an SXD one, which should fix most/all custom model issues with the screen (2017-02-23 16:31:18)
MOD 925. regression: _exhibition must show menu for clicking on root prim and unnamed prims (NS-112 requirement) (2017-02-22 22:53:34)
MOD 918. fixed problem with stretched screen on DAX units (2017-02-22 22:52:36)
MIN 866. defer exhibition messages during load until loading is complete, preventing 'button not found' errors during update or other full system reset (2017-02-22 22:45:56)