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  • System usage: #define SET_WAKE_TIMER 2037
    (no user memory format)
  • Introduced in: 12.1m1/8.5m1
  • Processed by: kernel scheduler (_whip)

Description: Creates a timer event as described in the parameters. When the timer triggers, 2038 WAKE_TIMER will be sent with the <event name> as its string parameter. If more than <expiry> seconds have passed since the event was supposed to be triggered, it will be silently dropped instead. A value of 0 disables this. <time> can be either an integer (number of seconds between now and when the event should occur) or a timestamp: <hours>:<minutes> in SLT. If <permanent> is 1, the job will not be deleted after it triggers; if it is -1, the job will be removed immediately.

Parameter format:

The string parameter is as follows (fields separated by \n):

<module name>
<event name>

The key parameter will be returned.